Thirty Dollars

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“Have some mashed potatoes,” Mom told Jacob, pouring a heaping spoonful of mashed potatoes onto the corner of his dinner plate. “Thanks, Mom,” Jacob replied with apathy, looking outside the kitchen window of his quaint two-story home that was decorated with rusty grandfather clocks and oil lamps. He could not wait for Christmas, which was the following day, because his mom had promised to buy him a brand-new wool coat. “I am going to go shopping to buy some Christmas gifts,” Mom informed Jacob, walking over to the closet to get her jacket. “Please stay home and don’t open the door. Do you understand, Jacob?” “Yes, Mom,” Jacob answered, walking over to the closet to compare his hand-me-down, polyester jackets to his parents’ stylish and cozy fur coats. “Are you going to buy me a wool coat?” Jacob asked. “Jacob, you have already asked me twice today. You will get a wool coat if I find one,” Mom raised her voice, leaving the house and slamming the side door shut. Her mind paced back and forth as she wondered about how to teach her son to be grateful with his current circumstances. Immediately after Mom’s departure, Jacob rushed to the front of the house, peering out the window at Uncle Saul’s conspicuous mansion. He had planned to sprint over to the mansion and ask Uncle Saul for the thirty dollars needed to purchase a wool jacket. Jacob looked out intently for hours, waiting for the fog to roll in so no one would notice him outside. As the fog began blanketing the tops of every building, Jacob left his house, making sure to close the door softly but tightly. He took the main, wide boulevard lined with worn-down antique shops made of rusty bricks. No one noticed Jacob because the shopkeepers had already gone ho... ... middle of paper ... ...ach feels a little uncomfortable.” “Let's go!” Mom exclaimed, putting Jacob on her back and giving him a piggyback ride all the way to their house. While walking along the main boulevard, she shouted, “My son was lost, but now he's found! Hooray!” After entering the house, Mom let Jacob come down from her back and pointed to a new closet made entirely of gold. Jacob immediately rushed to the closet, opened it, and discovered a variety of warm wool coats inside. Each of the coats felt thick and fuzzy and smelled like lavender. The coats came in beautiful colors, ranging from baby blue to seaweed green. “I don't deserve any of this,” Jacob told Mom quietly. “I know you don't deserve this,” Mom replied tenderly, “but I wanted to show you the true meaning of forgiveness. Forgiveness means loving someone who deserves punishment.”
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