Thinking Styles and Forces of Influence

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Thinking Styles and Forces of Influence One of the major obstacles encountered at Crossroads Hospitality was the inefficiency of the payroll department in regards to how they obtained their data from the various properties managed. This department handles the calculations, printing, and distribution of paychecks to over one hundred properties nation wide. Currently this department handles the payroll as manual data entry, with the general managers of the individual property submitting their payroll on ledgers or excel spreadsheets, and the payroll clerks verifying for accuracy, at which point this data is input into the ADP payroll system for check distribution. The base problem is the inefficiency of the system. They need to find a system that would streamline the work process while meeting the needs of both the payroll department and the managers at the properties. The payroll department was in need of a system, which would allow for a system of checks and balances, providing ease of implementation with minimal conversion of data between the new software and the current ADP system mainframe. Also, the payroll department would be challenged during the up coming months to accept responsibility for more hotels without increasing personnel or working hours, so the system would need to allow for maximum growth and flexibility. The general managers at the properties faced with a completely diverse set of obstacles. Since they were currently entering their payroll manually on either ledgers or using Excel spreadsheets, they were faced with emplenting a system that was completely unfamiliar to them. Some of the obstacles they had to overcome was the lack of a system of checks and balances on employee time cards (currently employees record their times on paper or punch cards), mistakes which caused under pay or over pay for the employees and no immediate accessible reporting methods of employee overtime worked over a forty-hour workweek. One of the most pressing issues faced by both the general managers and corporate operations was the company as a whole lost over $500,000 per year to “bad” over time. Within this the guidelines of these needs, the Information Technology department had to find a system compatible for both parties and that would use current technology available at the hotels such as computers, software, and telephone lines to run the time clocks. Training was also an issue because of distance between the hotels and the diverse schedule of the personnel.

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