Thinking Before Drinking: Underage Drinking

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Imagine that a close friend was persuaded to drink underage by peers. The next day this friend’s face is on the news because she died from alcohol poisoning. What would it feel like to have a friend pass away from the effects of drinking alcohol underage?(Hypothetical Example) Jane Anderson from Pediatric News said, “More than one-quarter of youth, ages 12-20 years said they have consumed alcohol in the past month” (“Anderson ,Jane. Underage” 1). The effects of teenagers being under the influence can lead to serious problems. For example, Cameron was at a party with some of his friends, including his best friend Michael. All of the friends had participated in heavy drinking. Michael and his girlfriend decided to leave the party early, and on their drive back they got into a fight. Cameron soon left the party after his best friend did. Michael got so angry with his girlfriend that he stopped the car and ran out into the middle of the road. Michael wanted to kill himself, so he stood in front of the first car he saw coming. (Personal Example/ Extended Example) Incidents involving teen alcohol use can be scary. Professor David J. Hanson, Ph.D. said, “It’s commonly believed that drinking rates among underage persons in the U.S. are increasing.”(Case Study) Dreadful circumstances such as teen pregnancy, failure to complete high school, negative peer pressure, drunk driving, and death can result from choosing to drink while underage. Because numerous adolescents choose to drink underage, the effects from their decisions can be devastating.
Drinking under the influence can lead to problems such as teen pregnancy. Kate Hagan and Caroline Zielinski say, “Teenagers who drink alcohol to excess are much more likely to engage in risky sexual...

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