Think Earth First

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Think Earth First & Speak Up “Choice is yours, put a stop to the drop!” BASIC INFORMATION • Name of event: Think Earth First & Speak Up • Slogan: “Choice is yours, put a stop to the drop!” • Purpose/ objective: To inform the students about the changes in the environment and teaching them methods on how they can make a difference and leadership roles they can take on to help • Theme: Going Green And Helping The Environment • What: A full day event held to about environmental issues and leadership roles that will assist these issue. • Where: At Cameron Heights Colligate Institute in the cafeteria • When: June 5th 2014, during environment week and on World Environment Day • Why: To inform students about environmental issues and leadership roles that will assist these issue • Who: Students. The targeted audience are students who have passion or are interested about the environment and students who are curious and want to expand their knowledge related to this topic. ( students from roots and shoots, recycling club, science classes and other) • Method of advertisements: Posters, include information about it in the charity blurb, let SAC know, Announcements on the TV foyer, Announcements in the morning, Post about the event on Twitter, Facebook, School webpage, locker posters, email sent to all teachers about the event by emailing all teacher, Slip science teachers to encourage their students to come to this event, let Roots and shoot know about the event • Date which Advertisement will begin: • Total cost of event: $336.40 • Total Money earned: $304-$344 • Cost to attend event: $2 • Volunteers to help at the event: couple of SAC representatives, 2 teacher or staff, Roots and Shoots if they would like to help with plan... ... middle of paper ... ...rts are bought, then the cost of the t-shirt will be $101.40, including tax. The total cost of the event is 336.40. Money will be earned from this event as well. Admission for this event will be $2. If 80-100 people attend the event then $160- $200 will be earned. Additionally, t- Shirts will be sold during the day (before event, during lunch, and after event). If at minimum twelve T-shirts are bought and sold, each T-shirt will be sold for $12. Each shirt will earn $3.55. More T-shirts will be bought depending on the amount of people that indicate on their application that they are interested in buying a t-shirt. Then $144 will be earned. The total amount of money earned is $304-$344. Amount earned may increase depending on amount of T-shirts bought and sold. T-shirt design is attached to the package. Quote details for T-shirt is provided at bottom of sheet.
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