Things Fall Apart Language Analysis

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"Things Fall Apart" by Chinua Achebe discusses the post-colonial lifestyle of African tribes during British colonization. During this time period, European imperialism, specifically European cultural imperialism, and Western influence had reached its zenith of influence; in other words, European culture began to impact the lifestyles of individuals on a global scale. Historically, Europe was and continues to be a continent containing countries that most would categorize as "great powers" through the domination of multiple territories circling the globe. As a result, this has led some to believe that African culture has failed development and recognition not only globally, but also domestically throughout countries within the continent of Africa;…show more content…
Some individuals, if unaware of the language of the Igbo people, may perceive this implication as an obstacle towards total understanding and comprehension of the novel. This introduces one of the main counterarguments concerning language usage in "Things Fall Apart". In regard to the language composition of the novel and other African post-colonial or non-post-colonial literary pieces, there are two opinionated arguments from Achebe and another fellow African and African literature writer, Ngugi wa Thiong'o, that are conflicting with one another and provoke critical thought and contemplation. Chinua Achebe believes that the implementation of African languages, as previously mentioned, emphasizes the intended perpetuation and expression of African culture, traditions, and heritage. Therefore, by preserving the original linguistic components of the novel, this allows individuals to consciously devote the necessary effort to understand the origin and meaning of foreign terms and phrases. Consequently, by doing this, this allows the individuals reading this novel to fully understand specific customs and traditions centralized around language, thus fulfilling the author's intentions for the novel. In other words, preserving language also ensures the preservation and establishment of cultural
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