Things Fall Apart By Chinua Achebe And Hiroshima

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Greed for Power and its Consequences Conflicts between nations and cultures have always been present throughout history causing dispute both internally and externally. Both novels Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe and Hiroshima by John Hersey display the effects of Western invasion into both Africa and Japan. These books were centered on first hand accounts of those who suffered the consequences of these invasions. Things Fall Apart demonstrates the impact of western colonizers into Africa centered through the story of Okonkwo. This is considered the first modern African novel demonstrating when British colonizers came into Africa to change their current culture and religion to civilize them. Hiroshima focuses on six survivors to put names to the victims of those who suffered from the atomic bomb dropped by the US air force over Japan back in 1945. It also follows the long-term effects on civilians who were exposed to the atomic bomb. That bomb was also an invasion because of the lasting effects on Japan as a whole, and as people individually. Major conflicts started due to imperialism, greed for power, and mostly dominance. Greed of power and differences in cultures between nations lead to disputes that turn into suffering and violence. The sole purpose of imperialism is to use force to establish dominance. In the novel All Things Fall Apart, the need for dominance is portrayed by both Okonkwo and by the British missionaries who want to force a new way of religion and power. Okonkwo uses fear and violence to assert his control internally with his family and externally within his clan. He even killed Ikemefuna, who he grew to see as a son, but with he killed him because he could not show weakness (p61). The difference between Nig... ... middle of paper ... ...nvade other nations for their own convenience but at the same time many innocent people are suffering the consequences of violence from war and imperialism. The more developed countries felt that it was their choice if a country’s culture was civilized enough and if they needed to be changed to similar standards are more modern countries. Their actions as superior nations brought about devastating results, as presented in both novels. Once we have an account of people who were affected by colonization and the bomb, we can sympathize more with the victims rather than it just being known as another event in history. People were hurt and killed and those who wronged them would not acknowledge it. Thirst for power drove nations like Britain and the United States to be the perpetrators of some of the worst attacks on humanity, due to the difference in culture and beliefs.

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