Things Fall Apart By Chinua Achebe

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Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe is an African novel which happened in 19th Century. Achebe narrates the story mainly about Okonkwo’s whole life in one of the nine villages called Umuofia in Nigeria and the clashes as well as influences to the village from colonization of Europeans. The clashes include reactions and misconception after the first arrival of white people and the effect which missionaries bring about to the village from many aspects such as belief, family and culture. Beyond that, there are large amount of description of the background and details of the villagers’ daily lives are provided to readers for acquainting with Ibo culture. As a consequence, the changes which white people bring about to the village are vivid and unimaginable compared with their previous peaceful life. The conflicts generate from violence and misunderstanding between the Europeans and villagers with addition of colonial process among villages which lead to replacement of Christian domination rather than the Ibo culture. First of all, conflicts from violence and misunderstanding between two parties are generated since the first unexpected arrival of missionaries. The first observation is the first time that a white man come to Abame, the manslaughter to this man from villager is detected by the death’s companions. “And so they killed the white man and tied his iron horse to their scared tree because it looks as if it would run away to call the man’s friends” (Achebe 139). The image of iron horse is actually a bike. The behavior of treating the bike as a horse that reveals people in this clan cannot understand the White. After his companions know that he is killed, the white people plan to invade the Abame and they choose the day that v... ... middle of paper ... way to survive and live indeed. It has to admit that there is strength in the Ibo culture since it is a respectfulness of their ancestors, but there are such a lot defects inside. For instances: the problem of family structure which is several wives share one husband, the traditional superstition of old customs. After the colonization of Europeans, since they bring schools, hospitals and government to the society; people are benefiting from what those missionaries have created. Although at first white people use a rude way to invade the society which leads to the downfall of Ibo culture. However, under the domination of Europeans, people start realizing that they are tired of and being imprisoned by the old rules. People are getting to long for the world outside but not only confine in a village, consequently, colonization accelerates the development of society.
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