Things Fall Apart Analysis

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Looking into different cultures makes us all believe that our own is the right one no matter what. I feel as if we think our own culture is the right one because of the fact that it’s how we grew up and what we became to know. In the book “Things Fall Apart” the writer wants everyone who reads the book to view a different culture or social group. Wanting everyone to look into a foreign society and increase in value for what it is without anyone judging their practices from a different social groups view. You have to really look into this book to find the ethnocentrism in it because it’s difficult for us to spot it out since it’s not the same as what we would normally see and pick out. . There are many intangible thoughts about strict social structures and femininity and masculinity in the book telling about different relations of genders in the Ibo village. Being feminine in the book refers to being spontaneous, weak, unfavorable, hostile or impulsive. Being masculine in the book though is referred to being a strong man, always positive and favorable to life itself. The women bein...

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