Thesis Statement On Police Brutality

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Proposed Topic:
Police Brutality in the United States
Proposed Thesis Statement:
In the United States, citizens are constantly speaking out to legislators and government officials against police brutality in their community. A series of prescription for controlling police brutality has forced the reconstruction of behaviors that have reinforced positive interaction between the community and local law officials. Over the past twenty-five years, society has given a considerable amount of attention to some of the forms of police behavior and have made some changes that have enhanced the outlook of the procedures that have discouraged the past practices of stereotyping, discriminating,
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Annotated Bibliography
Collins, A. (1998). Shielded from justice: Police brutality and accountability in the United States. Human Rights Watch.
The author of this book speaks upon the numerous acts of police brutality that have and are occurring all around the world. The author also speaks on when these brutal acts occur how the police superiors, city officials, and the Justice Department fail to act, restrain or penalize those who are involved. The individuals that are involved are protected by their fellow officers and by the shoddiness of the internal police investigations. In this book, the author also speaks on the use of the Human Rights Watch and how the interviews and correspondence occur during the allegations. Mr. Collins also speaks on how race is still and has been a huge factor in the allegations of police brutality throughout the
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S Department of Justice. Mr. Holmes completed research and found out the police brutality (example: the use of excessive physical force) constitutes an extra-legal mechanism of control that has yet to be examined in this theoretical framework. This study extends research in the area theoretically and substantively by testing the hypothesis that the greater the number of threatening acts and people, the greater the number of police brutality civil rights criminal complaints filed with the U.S. Department of
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