Thesis Statement On Graphic Design

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Topic Statement
The exploration of how environmental graphic design gives identity to a brand in retail design.

Thesis Statement
Most retail stores lack authentic identity that represents the brand story with an experience that connects customers and the physical environment.
The thesis explores the importance of integrating branding as a process to the architectural design features that gives identity to a retail space. The physical space communicates the brand story while creating an authentic experience through environmental graphic design (EGD), specifically Architecture, Graphic Design, and Interior Design. Branding through EGD will affect customer acquisition, user connectivity, brand recognition, and whether the brand gains loyalty.
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Majority of retail is not letting the customer be the co-author in their brand story. This will create a distance that appears between the brand and the customer since the conceptual and design process is about selling and not about connecting.
Another challenge reflected on making the environmental graphic design— that includes Architecture, Graphic Design, Interior Architecture, have its own identity, while including the identity of the urban space and location they are in. Like flagship stores, It’s important to maintain a balance of having authentic aesthetics that doesn’t stray away from the main brand. Being true to the brand and to the city, region, street, and/or culture you are in, will allow customers to relate their origins to the brand identity.
Retail environmental graphic design is not only for the brand’s interest, it influences people’s comfort, mood and emotions for numerous reasons. Those who form a connection to the brand, because the space speaks to who they are and their lifestyle, become a community of like minded individuals that connect through that brand. Being a part of something, brings people together and has them feeling better about themselves. It’s the same reason community, faith, culture, background creates a sense of happiness for people— caused by
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While focusing on retail design that started from simple signage to a whole packaged environment that tells a story and how that effects users. One of the main goal’s of retail stores is to create an experience that leaves customers with a memorable impression. Using branding, materiality, colors, decor, furniture to model identity through an environment that embodies the customer’s personality and lifestyle. Retail also combines insertions of other sections in EGD in retail— the comfort in navigation and wayfinding in the space; the signage outside and inside the store; as well as designing for pricing or other in-store information; and the traffic patterns of the architectural

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