Thesis About The American Dream

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The American dream is white picket fences, freshly cut bright green grass, the smell of homemade apple pie, fresh groceries from Whole Foods and a three story suburban house in a safe neighborhood. It is the worriless state of a financially secure career, marriage, and kids. The American dream as perpetuated in movies, television, shows and media is the story of rags to riches but not quite rich instead high middle-class. “...our media is national in nature and single-minded in purpose. This media plays a key role in defining our cultural tastes, helping us locate ourselves in history, establishing our national identity, and ascertaining the range of national and social possibilities” (610). The dream seems easily obtainable by a get rich easy planner business.…show more content…
It is something most strive for and most defined differently but I 'll come back to a central point of making it big and getting out of bad circumstances. People travel miles and across oceans to obtain. Though many people in America take their situation for granted, many immigrants journey miles to have the opportunity to have the dream. Once here and settled, many immigrants come to the conclusion that is harder to attain the American dream than previously broadcasted. Though the news, media, and social networking sites tell us differently, the odds of making it big time are rare and slim. America 's elite keeps the rage to riches in American dream value alive to inspire people to work harder. This gives the lower class people work for them inspiration to work harder to get into their positions. The elite show off their big houses, fancy cars, and tell the story about how they made it to middle and low class workers. This helps in ensuring people have the same dream. All the while, the big time elites know how hard it is and how slim chances are of making it in this
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