Thesis About Masculinity

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Tradition is passed on through generation to generation from word of mouth to action. Father’s teach their sons what had been taught to them by their father and it continues as a never ending cycle of traditions to upkeep. A son can make his old man proud by proving to his father what kind of a man he turned out to be. The definition of what it is to be a man varies from family to family but what is often expected is how “manly” a person becomes. Masculinity with all its perks and misogynistic expectations is what poisons the minds of young boys and young men by setting upon them expectations that must be fulfilled and maintained. It does not however take into account the people who identify as homosexuals, people who are part of the LGBTQ+…show more content…
In the past, men were considered to be the dominant power in relationships. Men were expected to provide for the family both financially and in terms of protection. They were the power that made the decisions and had the final word. Whilst this expectation is no longer favored in the general public, there is almost this unspoken assumption that men are still responsible for these tasks. It is what a “real” man would do. In this society “manhood is equated with power.” (106) This power is not only limited to relationships and extends to other aspects such as property, money, influence etc. In some cultures, property, money and influence are attained through dowries which are paid by a woman’s family in order for that same woman to be married to a man. Victoria Brownsworth would argue that “marriage is an unnatural state predicated on the dominance of one partner over another.” Masculinity boasts of power and dominance in a society that fights for equal rights for all. When power is a prerequisite for someone to be considered masculine, homosexuals will not be able to fit under that category because of the fact they are part of a minority that is not yet empowered. There are very few homosexual people who have had that kind of power such as politician Harvey Milk and Apple CEO Tim Cook, however “manly” is often not an adjective used to describe these two influential figures. Masculinity applies only to straight men despite any and all characteristic that a gay man may have to fulfill what a normal man would say is
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