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that Hippolytus tried to rape her. Hippolytus was exiled because of her letter and Theseus never learned the truth (email 1.
Theseus was a man of many accomplishments. Theseus wanted nothing more than to be like Heracles, his cousin. This was part of the reason Theseus chose to walk to
Athens instead of by sea. He felt the sea was too easy of a journey (email). On his way to Athens he defeated many monsters. In Epidaurus there was a man named Periphetes who tried to kill him but Theseus was able to defeat him. In honor of his first victory Theseus kept Periphetes' club. Periphete was the first of Theseus's victories but was sure enough not the last. Theseus had defeated many others along the way including a man named Procrustes. Two other monsters were Sciron, amd Sinis. Sciron was a man known for pushing those who tried to pass by, over the cliff. Sinis was a little more harsh with his killing technique. Sinis would bend to limbs of a tree and tie whoever was there to the two different limbs with their wrists. Then when they could not hold on anymore they were forced to let go. This cause them to be separated and body parts went in every direction (Skidmore 4-8). When Theseus finally arrived in Athens his troubles were not over. Medea, Aegeus’s wife, had tried to poison Theseus. However when Theseus went to drink the unknown poison, Aegus noticed that Theseus had his sword. Aegus then quickly stopped Theseus from taking the poison. Medea then left and fled to Asia to avoid punishment. Aegus then made Theseus his successor. During this time Athens was
Starrett 3 facing many problems with the kind of Crete, Minos. The Athenians were required to send seven maidens to Crete every year. Those who were sent were eaten by a monster that was made of a bull's body and a human head. They called the monster, Minotaur (Theseus in Myth 1 &2). Theseus was determined to stop this from happening, so he elected himself to go an when he was there he would try to defeat the Minotaur. Aegus was scared that Theseus would not return so he begged him not to go. Theseus refused to stay, but made his father a promise. He told Aegus that if he defeated the Minotaur he would replace the black flag on his boat with a white one.
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