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Cars are one of those materialistic objects that people crave, but many people know the physical harm that cars can do. They are gas guzzling and air polluting, and, yet they remain one of Americans favorite hobbies. Since cars were invented, they have caught the eye of Americans and people in the world. People always cared for their cars as much as anything around they have in the house. It would make sense that because of this, they would want the best for their car. The battle between conventional oil and synthetic oil has been going on for a long time. People often wonder which is better, which is more efficient, and which is environmentally friendlier to the earth. All these questions can be answered. Synthetic oil is the better choice of oil because it is chemically more stable, overall engine supportive, and better for the environment. Synthetic oils are oils made artificially (or man-made) to produce better lubricating features. Conventional oils are made by combining, distilling and refining crude oils (also known as “dino-fuel”). Because synthetic oil is made artificially, it offers better protection to engines in automobiles. The lubrication system is designed to help clean oil and maintain the temperature and pressure. Keeping the lubrication system maintained is important to keeping a healthy car. Charlie Best, retired auto mechanic, says that “Synthetic oil offers better prevention from clogging the system therefore keeping the engine and the lubrication system healthy” (Best). When this happens effectively, “Synthetic is much less prone to choking, and less prone to varnish than conventional oil” (Crawford). Also “Synthetic by design is less prone to breakdown” (Crawford). Even though the Lubrication Syste... ... middle of paper ... Tribune. web. 27 sep 2011 page=all&prepage=1&c=y#continue>. Crawford, Roger. "Synthetic oil." Synthetic Oil. All Par, n.d. Web. 11 Sep 2011. Mobil1. “Synthetic Motor Oils”. Mobil1, n.d. Web. 7 Sep 2011. English/MotorOil/Synthetics/What_Is_Synthetic_Motor_Oil.aspx>. Schulz, Charles M. Charlie Brown’s Encyclopedia of Energy. New York. Random House, 1982. Print “Synthetic Oils” CDC Textbook, n.d. 8 Sept 2011. Web West, Larry. “Synthetic or conventional Motor oil: which is better for the Environment?”., n.d.19 Sept 2011.web earthtalkcolumns/a/motoroil.htm>.
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