There is only Revenge

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I have never forgotten his face. His blood red eyes, his sharp teeth, and those pointed fingers. I had forgotten my name, I had been too focused on my revenge. I thought about how I would kill him, with my fatheer's swords? Would I chop off his head? Or would I stab his heart as he did to my father? My thoughts were interrupted by the bartender. "Hey, ya gonna buy somethin' or not?" He asked. He was an obese man with a grating voice that made me want to slice him. I ignored him and turned my attention to the fight that had broken out. Two men, one short and fat and crying for mercy; the other tall, with blue skin and yellow eyes. He was holding a gun to the short man's head, shouting in an alien language. I rolled my eyes. Pulling up my hood, I started to walk towards the exit. "Hey, where're ya goin'?!" I heard a man shout behind me. I spun around and saw that it was a police officer. His cheeks were red; he was obviously drunk. "Com'on, ya know ya want it!" He said, letting out small bursts of giggles between words. I let out a sigh of relief, the cop was too wasted to recognize that I was a wanted felon. He grabbed my shoulder and pulled me closer to him. "Ya got such a prutty face, why ya hidin' it?" He said, grabbing my face and squeezing it. "Let go of me," I hissed, taking my electrolaser from it's holster. Without hesitation, I pressed it to his gut and pulled the trigger. It felt good, I hadn't killed lately. Everyone in the bar fell quiet until a purple skinned woman tore through the silence with a high-pitched scream. Everyone acted like they cared about the cops. I darted out of the bar and into the streets. Hover cars were zooming by, and the air smelled of sweat and grease. I was in the food district on the bottom le... ... middle of paper ... ... guns sparked with blue electricity. One woman had a dark purple bruise on her arm. "These are your finest men?" I said, pacing back and forth. I was examining them. "They're not what I was expecting..." Koh patted the shoulder of the bruised woman, startling her. "They're good enough, I can't risk all of best men's lives," Koh said, messing with a sniper electrolaser rifle. "We got some Info about your man, said that he was going to try to kill on the Ruler's daughter," Koh said. I raised my eyebrows in surprise, "Lela Tok'Th?" Koh slowly nodded. I stared up at the cities above, they darkened the sky. They were so high up, I couldn't imagine going to level 16. "I'm going with them," I said. "Why would you want to do that?" Koh asked, a hint of annoyance in his voice. "I have to kill him myself," I said, my hands drifted over to the handles of my father's swords.
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