Theory of Evolution’s Effect on Humanity

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In an instant, one man’s theory shook up humanity like nothing preceding it had ever accomplished before. It is not everyday one man’s theory fundamentally changes how humanity views the Earth and how life came to be. Darwin’s theory of evolution did just this, by challenging multiple millennia old beliefs held by mankind. Darwin’s theory was essentially the catalyst for modern science, especially biology. Culture and religion experienced immeasurable changes after the theory of evolution became increasingly more credible and respected. Although many people think one man’s theory is not important and cannot possibly affect everybody, Darwin’s theory has had drastic and lasting impacts across all modern societies. As a result of Darwin’s theory of evolution, profound changes occurred within religion, society, and science.
The theory of evolution changed religion in incalculable ways. Fundamental shifts in faith and religious beliefs occurred just as the result of one man’s theory. Since Darwin’s theory views Earth’s processes as all natural without any divine intervention, it was only natural for religious organizations around the world to criticize Darwin’s work. “The first chapters of the biblical book of Genesis describe God’s creation of the world, the plants, the animals, and human beings. A literal interpretation of Genesis seems incompatible with the gradual evolution of humans and other organisms by natural processes. Independently of the biblical narrative, the Christian beliefs in the immortality of the soul and in humans as “created in the image of God” have appeared to many as contrary to the evolutionary origin of humans from nonhuman animals” (Ayala). Scores of religious groups were shaken up over Darwin’s work, and...

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...ossible to know where humans would be today if Darwin had not developed his theory when he did, but it is not going out on a limb to say mankind’s understanding of Earth, and the life within it, would be substantially less coherent.

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