Theory into Practice Plan, Implementation, Evaluation

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Theory into Practice Plan, Implementation, Evaluation

The purpose of this paper is to provide an introduction, purpose, and rational for selecting a nursing theory. I will describe the theory by identifying the purpose, concepts/definitions, relationships/structure, and assumptions. I will use the Chinn & Kramer evaluation criteria to critique this chosen theory. Finally I will describe a plan for implementing the theory into my practice setting, identifying any barriers and challenges.

Introduction and Rationale for Theory

In order to effectively guide practice, it is essential that nurses understand and critique different theories to evaluate them for use in practice. For this paper I have selected Jean Watson’s Human Caring Theory: regarding transpersonal human caring. The rationale for selecting this theory is that it is central to nursing. Watson believes that caring is shared by nurses, as curing is shared by medicine (Dunlap, 1998). This theory is based on authentic caring to maintain the dignity of the individual (Green & Robichaux, 2009).

The operating room is a unique and scary place to be. The patient and family come from a place of familiarity (usually their home) to an unfamiliar place. This creates an environment of anxiety and apprehension. The caring model is an excellent model to guide our practice. The surgical nurse promotes caring, a feeling of trust, and involves the patient and families in the care of the individual. Patients need and want to be treated as individuals as well as they desire to actively participant in their care.

Description of Theory

Jean Watson’s Human Caring Theory is unique in that it compliments conventional medicine giving the nurse a unique disciplinary, scientific, and profe...

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