Theory and Practice of Language Teaching

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Laberge (2003) says that teaching is the process of imparting skills, knowledge, attitudes and values. It can also be considered as a cyclical process of instilling, transmitting or constructing knowledge. It basically involves several kinds of skills, classroom management, selecting and adapting suitable materials, evaluating and assessing students. It is somehow interrelated with developing good learning process. Encarta (2009) defines learning as the acquisition of knowledge or skills. It is involves in acquiring new competences. In order to achieve good teaching and learning developmental process, both teachers and students play vital role throughout the lesson. One of the major concerns in ensuring successful classroom is the suitable approach or appropriate methodologies used in class by teachers. As we all know, learners have their own learning style. In order to assess learners well, a good and suitable teaching approach is important so that the learning objectives are achievable.
In regard to that, few considerations that teachers should look into which are different teaching strategies, students’ background, and implementation of which methodology works best for respective students. In order to choose the suitable method, teacher should be able to assess the students. Be it informal or formal assessment, this should give idea of what is the students’ level and idea of their previous instruction that students been used to as well as their academic level. Today, there have been many debates and discussion on which method works the best and is effective to students. The different approach in teaching has seen dramatic changes in the last two decades that has led to paradigm shifts in the learning classroom today. In this t...

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