Theory Of Crime Theory

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Theory of Crime Theory of Crime Accept or Reject Theory and Why Classical Theory I accept this theory because people make their own choices knowing the consequences to them. People sometimes also choose crime for the pleasure that may come out of it if they get away, like robbing a bank. As long as the person is rational they are They have free will and sometimes choose to commit crimes. Positive Theory I reject this theory because criminals are not born they are made. This theory is not true because not all criminals are born with chromosomal abnormalities. A lot of criminals are made throughout their lives. Some may have gotten bullied growing up, others may have had problems with their parent. I believe it is impossible to be born a criminal unless there is a complication and you have some kind of mental problem. Social Conflict Theory I accept this theory because the capitalist society did…show more content…
When his father found out about this he whipped him with a leather belt and walk all the way back to the store to return it. All of John’s life he was neglected by his father. He called him names growing up such as “sissy” and “Queer”. While John was still young he was molested by a family friend, who would take him on rides with him on his truck. He was afraid to tell his dad because he thought that he would get in trouble for it. When John grew up he would lure young males and murder them, burying most of them under his house. He would also sometimes dress up as a “pogo the clown” his alter ego before his killings. John’s father never showed any sympathy to him at all which is the leading factor in what John had become. With his father being so cruel to him growing up and all the other factors such as the heart problem, his sexuality, and being neglected in school led to a vicious murderer who was eventually given the death
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