Theory Of Anton Seminovich Makarenko's Professional Goals

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As an educator, my main is to help children to become pedagogically and academically successful. In order to be useful in the society in which they live they need to get a well-balanced education. Besides, we need to offer them a safe and fun environment as they learn. It is equally important, that both teachers and parents should play a decisive role in to strengthen children’s emotionally, intellectually, and socially.
The theory I agree with and the one I would like to base the teaching process is the theory of Anton Seminovich Makarenko. Since this theorist gives great importance to the involvement of an entire society to the learning process. In other words, it means that education is not a matter of one individual; furthermore,
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I recognize that all children are valued and it is important for every child to be provided with a good education as well as a nurturing environment through:
Learning: Provide many opportunities for all children, including those with disabling conditions, to feel effective, experience success and feel good about themselves. Work with children in learning about themselves and the world around them, including culture, participation in group activities, social skills, language, and emotional skills to prepare them for their future.
Health: work with parents and specialist to develop a specific plan to the need of each child. Provide a curriculum that will promote a child’s physical and mental health through exercise, play, music, hands - on activities, and nutritious meals.
Family: including parents in the program is one of the most important influences in the children’s well-being. I truly believe that parents are the most important role model for their children. They need to be included in the daily learning process that the child receives. Also, it is necessary to work with parents to develop effective
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I hope in the next years I have accumulated more experience and qualifications to be better prepared for any positions that might be available. My ambition at this particular stage of my life is to finish my Associate Degree at The Blue Ridge Community College. The characteristics of an ideal early childhood classroom will be to set goals and meet the developmental needs of each child by promoting quality care according to NAEYC Standards for Early Childhood Education. One more characteristic is to stimulate children with choices of materials, learning and welcoming environment, engagement activities, good relationship with peers and teachers and enhance children’s learning and development. I have many reasons I want to become an early childhood teacher one of them, is that I think that the early childhood education is fundamental to build up the base for children’s future formation. It is the foundation for the new generations and their future. From my experience, I recognize that teaching children are unique and therefore, it is necessary that as teachers we should be flexible and provide opportunities for them to expand their skills, and interests, about themselves and their
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