Theory 4

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Chicken Run is a plot, concentrating on a group of chickens prisoned on a farm in Yorkshire England. The story can be analyzed through a historical lens, a time where oppression, slavery and supremacy existed. Oppression is still a human conflict in society today. I believe the story adapts to the idea of a minority culture, specifically African culture being repressed. The “black experience” of slavery and violence are presented in the story. The majority characters enslaved have brown physical features with a white Dominus and Domina as their slave master. It’s really interesting how the characters interact, portraying the black experience. When I think about the black experience, I’m thinking of slavery. The key to defining slavery is to look closely at the core characteristics in the life of a slave and the slave’s relationship with their master or slaveholder. In the beginning of the film, Ginger the protagonist attempts to escape the grounds of her imprisonment. She fails many times being thrown into a dark bin as punishment for trying to escape, but she doesn’t give up. In th...
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