Theories of the End

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January 1, 2000, May 21, 2011, December 21, 2012 any of these dates sound familiar? These dates actually meant a lot to some people because they believed that these days would be the end for mankind or the apocalypse. The apocalypse is an event to end all final existences on Earth. Although these three dates were some of the most popular in recent times men have been predicting the end of the world since the beginning of time. The people who predicted the ending did not just make these dates up. Every prediction they made had a theoretical reasoning behind it. Does this make these people wrong because the event did not occur? Is one theory more accurate than the other? The apocalypse has various theories. Three known for predicting the date of the apocalypse are biblical theory, the Mayan theory, and the scientific theory. Christians believe that the Apocalypse will occur based upon the biblical theory. The signs that the apocalypse is near can be found in the last book of the bible; Revelations. In this final book, John the Apostle details all of the events leading up to the apocalypse such as the fall of Satan. People who believe in the biblical theory believe that the actual date that the Apocalypse will occur is unknown by man. This believe is based upon the book of Matthew which states, “But of that day and hour knoweth, Fleming 2 no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.” (King James Version, Matt. 24.36) Although read and believed by many that only God truly knows when the end will come, the curious nature of men, even christians will not take uncertainty for an answer. Pastor Harold Camping had the world in uproar with his theory of when “ Doomsday” would occur. This day was May 21st 2011. Pastor Haro... ... middle of paper ... ...e carbon dioxide will decrease. “Carbon dioxide is the “food of life” providing the critical nutrients which allow plants to grow which in turn are consumed by animals.” () Without plants there is not food for animal or man. They also predict that the sun will grow so hot that all of the water will eventually evaporate. With the scare source of water the earth and every living thing will die. The biblical theory, Mayan theory, and scientific theory are just three theories that are used to predict the exact day that the earth will end. There are still many theories out there that try to predict when the world will end. Since the beginning of time man has always tried to predict the unknown. The predictions will probably continue until the actual apocalypse. If the world should come to an end one day only those who are here to witness the end will know the truth.

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