Theories of Mediation

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Throughout this course thus far we have generically discussed the various models of mediation(in particular facilitative),skills and tasks needed by a mediator to conduct a successful mediation. The facilitative approach we have been studying, via theory and in-class exercises has afford us some great insight into mediating into a variety of domestic conflicts from family to business disputes.However,there is a whole other subfield in mediation ,which we have not discussed and that is international mediation. International mediation also has a variety of forms. Cases for mediation can range from a conflict between two states, an ethnic conflict that, has bought violence within a particular state, or perhaps a business dispute between transnational companies. The process of mediation is difficult in itself is ,but one can imagine the severe complexities one may into when trying to mediate across ethnic,linguistic,and cultural lines. As someone who is interested in doing international conflict resolution work,I feel it important to ask will the same roles and tasks needed be same,enhanced, or in some cases ineffective.The purpose of this essay will be to explore this question by explicating international mediation in relation to some of themes and theories we have discussed in class relating to the roles,tasks,and abilities of mediators. With that let us now briefly delve into some of the motives behind international mediation.As an instrument of diplomacy and foreign policy,mediation has become almost as common as conflict itself.It is carried our daily by such disparate actors as private individuals;government officials; religious figures, regional, nongovernmental ,and international organizations; ad hocg roupings, or s... ... middle of paper ... ...ested interest can offer incentives or make threats of punishments,based on the out come of the mediation.Also the idea of credibility again is very important within the international context,for a mediator to be able to mediate an outcome that please those who he or she is representing will laud them praise. Comparing and contrasting, these two mediation processes has been interesting. We can clearly see some major similarities, as well as some major differences. I find the context of international mediation to be pretty interesting and exciting; to be honest,more so than domestic mediation.This obviously do in part to my international relations background.It seems that mediation within the international createst a context,which works to create a balance of power that works to maintain peace and security,there for sustaining humanity and a better tomorrow.
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