Theories Used When Setting Up a New Business

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Theories Used When Setting Up a New Business When setting up a new business many business theories have to be considered and thought about. To enable a successful business set up, many features must be pre planned and thought over carefully. These features are such as: * Business plan * Cash flow forecast * Break-even figure * Entrepreneur skills * Business reasons - why set up the business? * Success - how will they succeed in the market? * Finance - where will it come from? * Government - how can they help? * Setting up - how will they set up the business? * Who will run the business? All of the above 10 business theories are vital and must be considered and thought out carefully in order for business success. Business's that start up without consideration of the above are less likely to survive in their market than those who are set up properly with all the above theories planned and worked out. The listed theories will need to be developed and will each contain high levels of detail. It is therefore necessary for me to know exactly what information will be required for when applying these theories to my business proposal planning. Theories Explained: Business Plan: The business for which I am planning and making a proposal for will need a business plan. This will state the company name, where it will be (planned to be) situated, its aims and objectives, what type of business it will be and other important information about the comp...

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