Theories Of The Crucible

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The Truth behind the Crucible
The Crucible is a drama film written by Arthur Miller in 1996. Miller’s drama film was inspired by the Salem witch trials. The fiction film opened the audience eyes to seeing somewhat of what happened on those cold lonely days in Salem, Massachusetts. Starring Wiona Ryder as Abigail William’s, Daniel Lewis as John Proctor, and Peter Vaughan as Giles Corey. Many scenes Abigail William’s caused most of the chaos according to the movie, The Crucible. My paper is going to go into detail about the Prosecutions, the relationship between John and Abigail, and also why Giles Corey was a hero. It all began when one morning in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. A group of girls ran into the woods with gifts to meet Reverend Paris’s slave Tituba. While Tituba was chanting around the fire the girls through their items in the fire wishing to find love. Abigail felt different, she wanted John Proctor so bad, she didn’t want Elizabeth
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Arthur question if there was a affair between John Proctor and Abigail Williams. “ for example, many of their accusations of witchcraft in the movie are driven by the affair between former, husband, and father John Proctor, and the Ministers teenage niece Abigail Williams; however, in real life Williams was probably about eleven at the time of the accusations and Proctor was over sixty, which makes it most unlikely that there was ever any such relationship”( The Crucible). Even though Arthur believed there was relations between John and Abigail it shows here what is really true. Abigail Williams was far too young to be involved in a 60-year-old man. Arthur Miller strongly believed this so-called affair played a major role in the events that occurred during the tragedy in Salem. It is hard to believe that an eleven year old girl would be that sexually attracted to a man, if even sexually attracted at all to stir up that much public
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