Theories Of Personality

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Personality characteristics determine who you are as a person. These characteristics make us react and act a certain way. Psychologists aim to understand how personality advances and how it influences the way we think and behave. Everyone has different personalities and researchers have different theories on why that is. Personality could result from both one’s life experiences as well as biological indicators in the genetic code. Some believe that personality is made up of genetics because they came from our parents, culture, or our mental state. Behavioral studies show the relationship between heredity and personality. Each cell in the body contains 23 pairs of chromosomes. One chromosome is inherited from your mother and one is inherited…show more content…
Additionally, culture provides a larger background in our behavior and ways of life. For that reason, it is believed that culture has an important element to our personality. The possibility of sharing common personality traits within a culture is the effect that being born and bred in the same society has on people. Also, different cultures value different moralities, which can cause different cultures or races to have different personality characteristics. However being born into a culture and specific group of people, an individual’s personality can be affected by mental…show more content…
As children age, their parents and community when forming their understanding of behavior. Discrimination of certain races can have a huge impact on childhood development. “Children are taught the stereotypes that go along with their particular race can have a strong influence on their personality development.” Such as if a child grows up in a society where racism is accepted then they will most likely become racist. Social interaction also has a big part in personality characteristics. Being acknowledged by other children is an important source of acceptance and self-esteem, but rejection can later cause behavior problems to aggressive behavior. Not only does society influence personality but also parents can have an influence on their child 's
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