Theories Of Intercultural Communication

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Communication among one another is essential in our everyday lives. Communication across culture, on the other hand, might not be a typical event for every individual. It includes exchanging of information within different cultures where communication among people from different cultures were not restricted by cultural barriers. There are numerous methods to integrating culture into communication theories. Culture can be incorporated with the communication process in theoretical communication. Theories can be considered to designate how communication differs across cultures. It can be created to clarify communication between people from diverse cultures, also known as intercultural communication. It can also be a tool of explanations that have molded and influenced human intercultural communication.
People from diverse cultures seemed to be getting much more closer to each other and tend to communicate more due to advanced technology in this global age. However, it can be burdened with uncertainty despite that it might seem interesting. One may not be aware of how to relate to someone of another culture and to start a conversation right as there might be traditional taboos that they need to be aware of. Constructing networks with people from all over the country is just one aspect of national mixture. Psychologist Geert Hofstede identified five distinctive cultural dimensions that functioned to identify a culture and how it is different from another (Hofstede, 1991). The last dimension was added later to signify the distinctions between the Chinese cultures and other cultures. Hofstede’s theory can be used to help eliminate intercultural communication problems.
The first dimension of Hofstede’s theory is the Power Distance Index...

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...iety. It helped individuals to build great relationships when working together, especially when it comes to meeting deadlines. Additionally, good etiquette could be produced while working and this could be an advantage for every individual at work or anyone having to deal with communicating with people from different cultures. It also helped in developing a mutual understanding of the reason for being, needs and history of other cultures. Hofstede theory has aided us in learning about the national culture. By learning how other cultures overcome similar problems as the individual’s own, the quality of life of the individual could be improved and at the same time gaining greater understanding of the purpose of life. It could also lead towards understanding and agreement where much acceptance would be gained when communicating and exchanging knowledge from each other.
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