Theories Of Human Development

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Theories of human development deliver a framework to deliberate human growth, development, and learning. Understanding the theories can deliver useful contents into individuals and society a set of principles and concepts that describe life span development. Development perspectives are the psychoanalytic theory, behavior theory, humanistic approach and cognitive theory. Each theory focuses on different aspects of human development. The psychoanalytic is “the approach stating that behavior is motivated by inner forces, memories, and conflicts that are usually unconsciousness” ().Following, the behavior perspective emphasizing on the observable behaviors and “outside stimuli from the environment”. () This approach believed that the “full understanding…show more content…
Lastly the contextual perspective takes a broad approach to development. This theory considers “the relationship between the individual and their physical, cognitive, personality, and social worlds that shape the individual”. () These approaches to development introduces the unique at to every part of what makes us human beings. The knowledge each theorist provides his approach to is like the puzzle to life span. “Each prospective emphasized different aspects of development. Individual theories in the lifespan is “based on its premises and focuses on different aspects, therefore not only in theory is “right” or “wrong” but considering the eclectic approach to understand development in all areas of the life span. In my view of why there are many approaches to human development is the reason that different aspects in life shape our development. The biological and environmental factors influence humans to have different personalities. The nature –nurture debate in lifespan development have several different points of views. The nature –nurture controversy questions whether genetics or environmental factors are causing effects in development . The nature “ referse to traits, abilities, and capacities that are inherited from ones parents”…show more content…
The controversy is complex, as we continue with many factors like environmental aspects of culture, parenting, and food religion. Such things can play a big role into an individual’s development. Such as the ways parents discipline their children can reflect on the environmental factors to the behavior. There are more effects from external as social status economic circumstances. Theories have different views on nature and nurture. “The nature-nurture debate is concerned with the relative contribution that both influences makes to human behavior. “ (). The psychoanalyst approach to nature, which inners drive of sex an aggression. Social bringing during childhood (nature). While the cognitive approach emphasizes on mental structures such as schemas, perception and memory, constantly being changes by environment. Humanism theory leans on the nurture side, as Maslow emphasizes the basic physical needs. The humanism approach “explained how society influenced a person’s self-concept” Lastly, behaviorism theory believed behavior is learn from the environmental through conditioning. Practically in today’s views, debate for nature and nurture are taken out from a dilemma to consider t to be influences by both concepts, nature and nurture. Neither positions are more influence than the
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