Theories Of Deism

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I feel that I identify the most with Deism. Being a Deist means that I recognize that God’s only role was to create the world and that I don’t have to confine myself to the rules of the Holy books. However, I do not see myself as an Atheist entirely since I have been raised in a Catholic family. Nevertheless, I have found a way to be in the middle of the two extremes.
Deism is not a complex belief. It is fairly simple, it believes that god is a creator; he made the world that we currently live in and then left us alone to make our own decisions. Personally, I like this belief since I believe that as long as you are a good person you will be rewarded in life. For example, if you do a good job, then your boss can offer you a raise or promotion.
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This theory has two parts; it has a moral and a legal path. Although it divides in two, the two parts complement each other since the laws are made on what’s morally right and wrong. It is believed that our morality comes from nature and that nature has a purpose. That means that human beings have a purpose as well since we are a part of nature. Our purpose is to live a happy life. Every action that we do has to be the right decision that leads us to our happy lives. Wrong decisions are seen as unnatural or immoral because it disrupts our path of achieving a happy life. Our concept of what is right and wrong is what helps us decide on the laws that we make to govern ourselves. This is how the two parts are connected. Deists choose to follow the natural law theory because it shows that there is no real interference from God when it comes to our natural ability to figure out what's right and wrong. However, it does not mean that we choose not to believe in God. In natural law and in deism, it is better known that God’s part in the world is to create the world and nothing else. In the end, natural law enables us to understand that we have a right to choose for ourselves and that there is no spiritual being that chooses our decisions for…show more content…
As I mentioned before in the first paragraph, there is no other role than being the creator of this world for God. God has no power over us to dictate our decisions in life or the ability to punish us for doing the wrong thing. As creatures made from nature, our morality has helped us decide what is wrong and right. We have conducted ourselves by this sense of morality so that we could be independent with our lives. We have chosen what to do with those who have done bad things and as well as how to reward ourselves when we make the right choice. The holy books are like propaganda from a tyrant who wants everyone to believe that there is only one way to live and that is his way. If the laws of the holy books are broken, then anyone who breaks them gets punished. He is known to have an invisible hand that pushes people to believe that it is a necessity to follow his Ten Commandments. However, I don’t believe that he even has that power. If we break a leg, lose a job, or get sick, then those outcomes have a rational reason. As well as when good things happen, for example, when we get a good grade, a promotion, or when two people get married. All these outcomes are from the decisions that we take. There has never been a day when God has actually visibly rewarded me or punished me. It all has to do with what we view as what is good and bad for us. Natural law and Deism go along with my beliefs and world view.
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