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Theology is the study of God and the first topic “Doing theology in our context; sign of our times” introduced me to the meaning of studying theology and the importance of relating it to contemporary times and our own context to enhance our understanding. Using objectives in our society that we are surrounded by such as conflict, racism, violence and technology that are being introduced to future generations who will eventually have entitlements to vote and be responsible for their well-being. We explored societal problems such as; addiction, social decline within religion, families and communities just to name a few. Relating concepts to human emotions and nature were beauty, love and hope. The use of modernism and post-modernism in theology and where it place’s itself in contemporary times.

‘Faith and revelation, in relation to our self communication with God’ is the significance of a personal experience and how it shapes our faith. Concepts introduced to me were primordial faith meaning strength or a purpose and religious faith is something that deepens, extends and transforms a person’s faith to an extent that it shapes the way they live and approach daily life. This led to objectives that block or enhance our self-communication with God that impacts a person’s faith.

‘The mystery of God: Images and God Language’ is exploring our image of God and the way other people see God whether they feel fear, gives a harsh image as a result of prior experience or pushes people away from religion. However, if your image of God is compassionate and loving this enhances an individual’s image of God as this is how we would like people to view God.

Analysing contemporary culture to portray an image of God was analysing ‘God is a DJ’ by Pink. We can relate this song to 21st century generations as we live in a society where music has a predominant place and it is a great way to relate theology to contemporary times. My interpretation is that it is by choice the way you view God and Pink’s song is poetic in that the DJ is God and the DJ manipulates/mixes music as can God. Other key concepts explored were Theism when someone believes that God exists and Atheism when someone believes that God does not exist. Agnosticism is a person who is a fence sitter and does not believe in God however, they can come to terms with the reality if there is a God.

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that exploring the blockers and enhancers of faith can have huge or little effect on their individual opinion. they think media could be causing horrible mental illness in young people.
  • Explains that exploring faith and revelation in contemporary culture was interesting to learn how people in different periods of time experienced theology differently.
  • Explains that theology is the study of god and the importance of relating it to contemporary times and our own context.
  • Opines that the vatican council has had to be open to contemporary culture and the massive changes that have evolved since the 16th century.
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