Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th president of the United States of America

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Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th president of the United States of America was born on October 27, 1858. He was born in New York City, New York to his parents Theodore Roosevelt, Sr. and Martha Bulloch Roosevelt. When he was little he had many health problems, such as asthma. He also had chronic stomach pains and headaches. Because of these problems, he didn’t go outside often, so he stuck to reading books and other types of indoor entertainment. When he was eighteen years old he moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts, and applied to Harvard University. Almost in his third year of Harvard he married his girlfriend, Alice Hathaway Lee. A year or two passed after his marriage when he graduated from Harvard University. Many good things started happening for him in the year of 1881, like being elected to the New York State Assembly and beginning his first term in January, 1882. In 1882, he was also able to publish his first book, “A History of the Naval War of 1812.” On February 12, 1884, his first child, Alice, was born. The exciting news of her birth was soon forgotten, when his wife Alice's kidneys failed from pregnancy, which caused her to pass away about two days later. Another devastating thing happened to him, when his mother died from typhoid in the same house and on the same day, just hours before Alice. To get over his loss, he left the New York State Assembly after his third term ended in 1884. After this, he moved to the Dakota Territory in the West, where he built a Ranch and got interested in the cattle business. He enjoyed living his life like a cowboy. While visiting his sister Anna in New York in 1885, he met with his childhood love, Edith Carrow. They began seeing each other more often and got married in London in 188... ... middle of paper ... Despite the fact that an attempt was made on his life, he was relentless to finish his speech even though he lost in that election. This action of his showed his way of never giving up without a good fight. He also had a positive attitude towards things like politics and his personal life. He kept the country safe after the McKinley assassination, and also brought many new positive ideas to the United States Of America keeping the country alive and growing. President Roosevelt left behind a legacy which will never be forgotten. He brought so Much to the U.S. and helped make it what is today. Bibliography
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