Theodore Roosevelt The Greatest President

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Throughout history there has been many honorable presidents that have concurred many strenuous situations. This happens to shape the minds of individuals into believing who was the greatest president. There are many factors one can take into consideration, such as how the economy did, wars, and the overall role in how their presidency went. The president that is most honorable in my mind is President Theodore Roosevelt. Theodore Roosevelt became president after the assassination of William McKinley and from that point was one of the greatest presidents of the US. Roosevelt was honorable before his presidency in 1901, and afterwards by taking action necessary for the public good.
Roosevelt was popular before his presidency with the conflict of the Spanish-American War. Roosevelt took action is gathering troops, known as the Rough Riders, and leading them up San Juan Hill. After defeating the opposing forces. When the Rough Riders
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One of his main beliefs was that government had the right to regulate big business in order to protect the equality of society. One of the major issues Roosevelt handled was the nation’s railroads because the ICC brought up issues concerning abuse within the industry. The railroad allowed certain companies, usually the major corporations, cheaper shipping rebates than the smaller companies. Roosevelt tried enforcing the Elkins Act of 1903, but the railroads and companies were able to get around it. To take greater force, Roosevelt created the Hepburn Act, which allowed the ICC the right to regulate shipping rates. The act did not go over well with congress, who highly tried to appeal it, trying to make the ICC powerless. Roosevelt saw this and took action in participating in a speaking tour to raise awareness. The senate finally approved this legislation, and was the first act a president took in greater good for the
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