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The 26th president of the United States of America was Theodore Roosevelt. He was a man known for many things two of them being, the building of the Panama Canal and his relationship to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. But he accomplished much more than these simple feats. He was a man possessed by an energy that was rivaled by few, all of his various exploits were discussed in the book ‘The Seven Worlds of Theodore Roosevelt” by Edward Wagenknecht. In this work Edward discusses Theodore Roosevelt in seven different “worlds.” They are the worlds of action, thought, human relations, family, spiritual values, public affairs, and war and peace. Out of this we receive a very clear picture of Theodore’s beliefs and practices in all of these areas.

The first “world” that is discussed is Theodore’s world of action. Henry Adams, a famous cosmopolitan and writer during this time period, was known to say that Theodore was a man of “pure act”(Wagenknecht 1; Answers Corporation). He was an active man and liked activity in others. During his presidency he often had the younger military officers to the white house, where they would often wrestle or box (Roosevelt 763). Also during his presidency he consistently went on walks with his cabinet and military officers. They would climb along the Rock creek bank(823). At times instead of walks the entire cabinet would go out to the tennis courts and play that instead(Wagenknecht 13). Theodore was not a man to back down from a challenge simply because of physical pain or discomfort. Most people know the fondness that he had for boxing and wrestling, though he signed legislation to stop prize fighting (13). When he served as Governor of New York the middle weight wrestling champion of America li...

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...or righteousness I choose righteousness.” Or in better terms “Peace is normally the handmaiden of righteousness; but when peace and righteousness conflict then a great and upright people can never for a moment hesitate to follow the path which leads toward righteousness even though that path also leads to war”(256).

This shows the seven worlds of Theodore Roosevelt as outlined in the book by the same title by Edward Wagenknecht. This book gives much more detail in them than I can cover here. But as an overview it shows the great and honorable man that was our president.

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