Themes in Harper Lee's To Kill A Mocking Bird

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Themes in Harper Lee's To Kill A Mocking Bird In this essay I am going to focus on the themes of education and family relationships. Both of these play an important part in the book and can be linked together through many various ways. Harper Lee has managed to create a strong image of both the themes I am going to use by using many different characters. I will start by looking at how Harper Lee explores the theme of education. Harper Lee uses many different characters to explore this theme, many of them are from when Jean Louise starts at school. Some of these characters include Miss Caroline, Jean's teacher, who does not know the traditions people have in Maycomb, 'Miss Caroline is introducing a new way of teaching'. Walter Cunningham, who has no money and has extremely poor hygiene, '…he had hookworms. People caught hookworms going bare foot in barnyards and hog wallows'. Also Burris Ewell, who only goes to school on the first day of each year and is also very unclean, 'to get rid of the - er - cooties Burris'. All these different characters Harper Lee has used create a feeling of confusion, as readers are overwhelmed by all the different characters, and trying to remember them all. This then reminds the reader about the education and school in the book as they read through the story because they try and remember all the characters. Harper Lee also uses the story and language to explore the theme of education. In the story so far she has only one section specifically about education, chapters two, three and the opening of chapter four. However school is mentioned throughout the story, when Jean mentions things about school, for example, 'released from school thirty minutes earlier…' In the story so far other aspects of education have been mentioned, as some people in Maycomb are not very educated and this has been mentioned a few times. From the language used we know that Jean is very literate, as the language in the book is not basic like
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