Themes in Fitzgerald's Great Gatsby

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In the novel, The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald, there are several themes. Some include The death of the American Dream, hope, and uselessness of women. These all are the three most important themes and expressed a lot throughout the story. Even though this whole story might seem like a romantic tale, one of the important theme’s is actually the death of the American Dream. F.Scott Fitzgerald shows this by showing us the people’s greed for money and decay of the moral values. One example that shows people’s greed is the way Gatsby acquired his money mostly from Dan Cody (pg 107) so he didn’t really have to work too hard for this fortune and thus, got in the habit of getting everything easily, and thus, started a chain of drug stores that were not necessarily legal, but he had done all that just because he thought it was the only way to achieve his American Dream. He had distorted the reality and actually thought Daisy would be his after he becomes rich. In the end, when his dreams were shattered, all that he could do was die, and even did. Daisy is another example, she is also responsible for the death of the American Dream. She was a materialistic person, all she ever wanted was luxury and comfort. “..with Daisy’s suggestion that we hire five bathrooms and take cold baths,..”(pg 133). She said this after they had all reached “the town” and after she had rejected Jordan’s offer to go and watch a movie because she felt hot. All she cares about is her own luxury. She had also lost all her moral values which is also why she was also why she had a big part in the death of the American D... ... middle of paper ... ...he important themes of this novel. Lastly, another important theme in this novel is the uselessness of wome. Tom and Gatsby were both independent men. They did not need anyone else to survive even though they both fight over Daisy. Daisy on the other hand is dependent, mostly on Tom though. Infact, on one of the first meeting with Daisy, she had told Nick that she had a daughter and that, “..It’s a girl.And I hope she’ll be a fool-that’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool.” (pg 21) She, herself, admits that girls are fool. She feels that there is no point of them in the world. That is why she was so upset when she found out that she had a daughter, she knew that her daughter would have to go through the same misery that she had to go through because they are not self made and that is why this was also one of the themes of the novel.
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