Themes Of Love And Masculinity

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An interesting life and specific cultures can shape and influence the way authors typically write. Ernest Hemingway is a perfect example where his life developed his own works. The extravagant lifestyle of Hemingway consisting of love, war, and masculinity is a recurring theme in “A Farewell to Arms,” and “Hills Like White Elephants.” The brave young American is a character that portrays Hemingway in both stories. Ernest Hemingway pulls from his background and youth to expand similar settings and atmospheres through each story. Throughout Hemingway’s stories, themes of love and masculinity are consistent factors that play prominent roles in the development of his stories. Ernest Hemingway was a passionate lover, accumulating four wives throughout his life. The quantity of lovers he has had shows that love is an important component, which is why the reader sees love in all his novels. In “A Farewell to Arms,” a relationship between love and pain is existent throughout the story. The recent death of Catherine’s fiancé triggers a game of love and seduction between Henry and Catherine. Catherine uses her love for Henry to escape the pain of her loss, and Hemingway needs love to escape from the terrors of war. On the other hand, in the “Hills Like White Elephants,” love is portrayed in a similar way where the two lovers experience hardships. As the American and Girl converse about the option of having a baby, the two appear to have growing tension because the girl does not feel comfortable with the American talking to her about the decisions that she has to make in order to restore everything back to normal. In both stories, love seems to create some type of issue. In “A Farewell to Arms” Frederic says, "I only wanted to for you.”(1... ... middle of paper ... life as a soldier and his normal life. He tries to escape the war and madness, but it eventually follows him. The rain that’s been haunting them throughout the novel finally catches up to them and everything gets more broken than we imagined. Hemingway’s uses imagery and specific adjectives to describe the situation and paints a picture in the reader’s mind where he or she can interpret however they feel. Ernest Hemingway clearly was influenced by his lifestyle traveling extravagantly, enlisting in the Italian army, and his upbringing as a child to an adult. However, without any one of these personal experiences, Hemingway’s writing would lack the special writing style and depth that made him one of the greatest writers to have ever lived. Biographical and historical connections must be understood in order to fully grasp the emotional depth of Hemingway’s work.
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