Themes Of Life In Jack London's The Call Of The Wild

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Can you envisage acquiring anything you want in life? For instance, having a huge mansion, servants serving you at your command and an extravagant garden behind your mansion, which has an orchard that has all types of fruits you can imagine eating. In this novel, The Call of the Wild, Jack London, invites you to exploit the life of Buck who is half St. Barnard and Scotch Shepherd dog. His life was luxurious, but one event changes his whole life. He used to live with Judge Miller in an extravagant house in San Diego, California, but one day a greedy gardener abducted and sold him to northward as trained sled a dog. Buck used to live a contentedly at the judge’s house. His father was a St. Barned who use to be a loyal companion of the Judge, but after he passed away in up to him to take care of his responsibilities. Judge had two daughters and two grandsons. He always accompanied his grandsons in hunting and used to take care of them. Manuel (a gardener) had an addiction for Chinese lottery and one night he crossed the limit. He kidnapped Buck and sold him to a stranger. By the time Buck realized it was too late. He fought back, but the stranger chocked him and he went unconscious. Next day…show more content…
She was Hal’s sister and Charles’s wife. The Buck and his team were exhausted and starving. Next morning, the team heads back again to Dawson. Buck was so tired that he didn’t even budge from the spot and neither did the team. They weren’t ready for the journey. Eventually, they ventured into the wilderness Charles, Hal, and Mercedes didn’t know what they were doing and the Huskies were in the anguish because the temperature was sixty below zero. As a result, they had to put down five dogs, which reduced the sled dogs on the team from fourteen to nine dogs. Now Buck and his companions were struggling: they were on the blink of dying from starvation and didn’t have enough
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