Themes Of Damon And Pythias

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In the story ‘’Damon and Pythias’’ by the author William F. Russell Ed.D. this story talks about two young noblemen that lived on an island of Sicily in a city called Syracuse. Both Damon and Pythias were close friends people admired their friendship Damon and Pythias represented the real examples of friendship. Throughout this story, two men develop a bond and brotherhood that was unbreakable so much that Damon would risk his life for his dear friend Pythias.

The setting in the story ‘’Damon and Pythias’’ as it happened in Syracuse was at the time dictated and ruled by a powerful tyrant named Dionysius, who had obtained the throne for himself through treachery. Dionysius proceeded to proclaim his authority by behaving cruelly to his, subject.
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In reply to Dionysius, Damon smiled he, still had a strong belief that his associate Pythias wouldn’t deceive him. Damon execution was near, and Damon was still at peace It was the eleventh hour, and Pythias finally arrived the crowd was roaring with excitement. Pythias never intended to be gone for the allotted time he was given Damon and Pythias were crying tears of sorrow as they were bought out in relief that Pythias made it in time to save Damon’s life. Dionysius, the tyrant, couldn’t withstand as the spectators cried tears at the two friends. The king approached both Damon and Pythias and declared them free of the death sentence. Dionysius begged Damon and Pythias to be his associate as he saw a genuine meaning of friendship amongst them. They soon then after became friends with the tyrant Dionysius.

What I have grasped from this short story is that even though the tyrant Dionysius was going to sentence both Pythias and Damon to death Damon had faith in his friend Pythias. He never for a second doubted that Pythias wouldn’t return. Dionysius even had a change of heart and freed both Damon and Pythias and in return gained a friendship. In this short story ‘’Damon and Pythias’’ is the actual definition of a genuine friendship although Damon’s life was wrongfully in jeopardy. Pythias could have very well fled and left Damon to die, but he didn’t he knew he had an obligation to Damon and his
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