Themes In The Pearl

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The Pearl Humans must go through many struggles as they attempt to attain their dreams. John Steinbeck exemplifies a certain man’s struggle for his dreams in his novella The Pearl. A Native American family must save their child from a scorpion sting. This leads them to find a great pearl which does not help them; in fact, it plagues their peaceful world with greed, death, and evil. Throughout the novel Kino’s importances in life change as he copes with his inner demons. At the beginning of the story, Kino values his family and his boat. Kino values his family because he attempted to save Coyotito. Kino, “beat and stamped the enemy until it was only a fragment and a moist place in the dirt” (Steinbeck, 6). This shows that Kino cares about…show more content…
Kino is greedy because he does not take a thousand pesos for the pearl. In the text it states,”And suppose Kino took a thousand pesos. Only yesterday he had nothing.” (Steinbeck, 50). Kino felt like he deserved more than a thousand pesos for the pearl. Kino should have taken a thousand pesos because before that Kino had nothing. Kino values his child’s education because he continuously says “Coyotito will go to school.” Kino announces ”My son will go to school.” (Steinbeck, 25). Kino wants Coyotito to go to school because they can tell if what the English are saying is true or not. Kino also wants Coyotito to go to school because he wants to end the discrimination between the two races. As Kino attempts to overcome all of his burdens he has to face his internal conflicts and think about his…show more content…
His internal conflicts are feeling guilty and feeling angry. At the end of the story Kino has a lot of pent up anger. The narrator shows Kino’s feelings by saying that ”He was immune and terrible, and his song had become a battle cry.” (Steinbeck, 89). The author shows Kino’s anger by saying that his once peaceful and humble song had changed into an evil battle cry. Kino most likely is mad at the world for giving him hope and then utterly crushing it. At the end of the story Kino feels guilty, which is shown by stating that ”Kino’s hand shook a little, and he turned slowly to Juana and held the pearl out to her.” (Steinbeck, 89). Kino feels guilty because he killed Juana’s first child, which was very emotional for her. This is why Kino gives Juana the choice to throw the pearl or not because it might make her feel better. Kino has to overcome his internal conflicts, even if it takes him a long time. Kino carries fear with him and is now going through a very painful time. Kino’s values are his family and his boat as he lives peacefully and happily. The pearl has changed Kino’s behaviour and has created an animal out of him as his values change to his child’s education and money. Kino has many internal conflicts as he copes with the death of his child and the anger he has at the world. Kino has changed for the worse and it is a stone cold fact that he may never recover from his
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