Themes In The Other Wes Moore

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One phrase that comes to mind when I think of one of the themes in “The Other Wes Moore” is “Keep Calm and Carry On”. Persistence plays a huge role in both of the Wes’s lives, as well as mines. During the author’s time at Valley Forge he realized that it was going to take nothing but continuance through his hard adjustment at the school, while the “other” Wes had to realize that no matter how he did it, or what it risk were at hand, his job as a father was to provide for his family. “...I am so proud of you, and your father is proud of you, and we just want you to give this a shot. Too many people have sacrificed in order for you to be there”, said by Wes’s mother after he attempted to find a train back to the Bronx. At this point in the…show more content…
He knew that if he didn’t sell drugs he would’ve been just like his father, and he certainly didn’t want that. His Aunt Neicey told him that “either get a job or go to school,…but neither is not an option”. Though Wes couldn’t go through with school, he still tried, though he couldn’t find a “real” job he still tried, and even though selling drugs isn’t a real job, he is still out trying to make a dollar to do what is right. My dad told me that I had to get a job and it didn’t matter if I was in school or not, because he had to work while he was in school, and so did my mom. I struggled so much trying to keep up with my AP English work, Teacher Cadet, Spanish, and the other cluster of responsibilities I took on my 12th grade year, but it was what I had to do. Honestly, I must admit that once I finally got it under control it felt pretty good to make my own money, and pay for my own stuff as an “Independent”, well “Semi-Independent” young woman should. Whether it be from Wes staying at Valley Forge for a better life, and me staying at Western for the same, or me having to hold down a job and go to school, and the “other” Wes having to make a dollar without proper training; we all knew that being persistent in life is key. Though I’m still learning how to
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