Themes In Macbeth

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Macbeth Essay: In what ways are the themes, messages and ideas of the play “Macbeth” relevant to contemporary society?
The play Macbeth, a tragedy by William Shakespeare, is one of his most powerful and dark plays, exploring themes that evoke thought and still have meaning today. Shakespeare had a thorough understanding of society and human nature and explored deep universal ideas of human nature within his play. The themes in Macbeth of vaulting ambition, the nature of evil and self-inflicted isolation become relevant to contemporary society through their personal effect on humans emotion today and how people personally see society and human nature. In the same ways, the message of ‘your actions affect your future’ and the idea of the ‘great
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Act 5, Scene 7
Here Shakespeare uses a metaphor for Macbeth as he explains that he has no ‘spur’ to kill King Duncan but ‘vaulting ambition’; a strong desire for power which leaps over his own morals and lands beyond reason. This ambition relates to society today in government and business, the greed for money and power often overpowers morals. Many governments only care for themselves and not the people, the refugees, the violence or the deteriorating environment. Consumeristic lifestyles and peer pressure constantly create ambition ignoring ethics and ultimately leading to ruin.
Another theme is self-inflicted isolation, Macbeth has isolated himself from the world, his wife, his loyal subjects and his own morals. When Macbeth speaks of his fatal flaw he understands it to be the ambition that controls him.
His ambition creates the theme of the nature of evil that originates within the darkness of the human heart. There is no external force of evil, it is lying latent within all humans.
“Yet I do fear thy nature, It is too full of’th’milk of human kindness
To catch the nearest way. Thou wouldst be great, Art without ambition, but without the illness should attend
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Lady Macbeth becomes the instigator for the evil by challenging Macbeth’s manliness. His evil escalates his character to the extent where he performs acts out of pure evil like the murder of Macduff’s family.

These themes all connect to human nature and are personally relevant to us today. Shakespeare’s use of vivid characterisation and realism makes very real characters but complex, believable characters which people today can relate to. The Macbeths and their soliloquys explore human thoughts of depression, regret, guilt, jealously and anxiety which people can relate to as basic deep human emotions which have not changed since Elizabethan
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