Themes In Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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“Fahrenheit 451” is an internationally acclaimed book and one of Ray Bradbury’s best works. The world he envisions is a bleak, dystopian world where technology has overtaken society and deprived them of creativity and imagination. He describes a single man that is woken to the world around him by an unlikely character, and causing him to venture out of his bland life for something greater. This man would go through many challenges and dangers, but would achieve his goal in the end. Ray Bradbury does preform an outstanding job in writing about the bleak future he envisions, and his readers take notice. The most notable thing Ray Bradbury is able to do is convey his themes of censorship and the dangers of technology. Out of all the amazing aspects…show more content…
One example of his vivid descriptions is the detail Bradbury has on the hands of the main character, Guy Montag. During Montag’s turmoil in “Fahrenheit 451”, Ray Bradbury describes how he savagely destroys a book. “His hands, His hands, by themselves, like two men working together, began to rip the pages from the book” (Bradbury 41). What Bradbury is able to do here is describe how Montag is frantically destroying the book using personification, comparing the strength of his hands to men. However, it is also to show the reader that Montag has this internal conflict. He has to choose whether to stick to the world he knows and burn books, or follow his curiosity and seek the truth. This conflict results in the destruction he creates through destroying books. McGivern describes it in a similar way, saying that, “His hand, of course, is not possessed by ‘an insanity of mindlessness’. On the contrary, Montag has ‘a conscience and a curiosity…’but, still unwilling to recognize them, he projects it into his hands” (McGovern 178). McGovern describes it not as a destructive force, but just simply as a representation of Montag’s inner conflicts. Bradbury, however, is able to spark this inner confliction by introducing a character and a traumatic event that started Montag’s perilous journey to seek the

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