Theme and Technique in Films

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Films are about some topics or themes and involve different types of characters. Many filmmakers use a variety of techniques to convey their messages. The choice on the type of the techniques depends on the theme of the film and how effective the filmmakers want to communicate their ideas. This essay aims at illuminating theme and technique in films basing its argument on Alfred Hitchcock’s movies; Notorious movie, Rope, and Strangers on the Train. Alfred Hitchcock was a director of movies and his place in the film studies is unrivalled. He is famously known due to his brilliant plots, witty dialogue, and his ability to tell stories visually. This unique ability brought a new revolution in the film industry that made him become a very influential person in this industry.
Films, as representations of life, occasionally offer moral dilemmas, which are as difficult to resolve as those in real lives. In these movies, the characters find themselves in different situations that put them in a dilemma. The first movie, Notorious, revolved around the themes of love and murder. The movie was made in 1946, at the end of the Second World War. Alicia Huberman, the main character, is recruited by the government to investigate Nazi organizations that had relocated from Germany following the Second World War. Before, Alicia leaves for her assignment, she falls in love with Delvin, who is a government agent. Delvin wishes that Alicia was not given the takes, but he fails to convince his superiors that she could not handle the job effectively.
Alicia at last starts her assignment and she meets with Sebastian, who is one of the Nazi members. Sabastian, early before, was in love with Alicia, but they had parted ways over the time. When they at l...

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... he has control over the audience (Carroll 2000).
In the movie Notorious, fear is created when Sabastian unites again with Alicia. Sabastian does not know that Alicia is a spy who is investigating their group. The audience keeps wondering what will happen when Sabastian discoveries that Alicia is a spy and what he would do to her. Hitchcock is able to manipulate the audience from the beginning to the end of the movies (Bordwell 2009).
This essay has illuminated theme and technique in films basing its argument on Alfred Hitchcock’s movies; Notorious movie, Rope, and Strangers on the Train. The three movies revolve around the theme of murder in the society. Though it is based on imagination, the movies present some of the dilemmas faced by people in real life. Hitchcock uses manipulation of the audience in these movies in order to effectively convey his message.
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