Theme Of Women In The Shrew

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The Shrew described a lot of problems in the woman's issues, love, marriage, and family. Ancient Chinese Women’s opinion on their love and marriage has the conflict with the social system, moral norms, traditional ideas, customary forces by that time. Sometime the conflicts could also lead to tragedy and casual life. In the real-life, such events are common, thus causing widespread concern and attention in the society. In the feudal society, women are subject to restrictions, repression, abuse, persecution of the most profound, so their resistance is the strongest. The novel "K’uai-Ts’ui Li Ts’ui-lien Chi" create a dare to challenge the established ruling order, dare to contempt for feudal ethical education, dare to fight for the independent…show more content…
This is a revolt, a war. Even though Li Ts’ui-lien is willing to endure hardship, the feudal class still won’t allow women to praise, encourage and free to talk and argue with others. The society considers that as presumptuous, and unconventional, and the action is absolutely prohibited. Women’s duties are being silent and do whatever their husband or parents said. Even if women had to talk, they still need to whisper, could not laugh out loud and show their teeth, which is call dignified. Li Ts’ui-lien just regard all of this set, she let go of her throat, and love to talk. As long as she encounters a thing, she will start dealing with others and figure out a solution. This shows that she is striving for the initiative and the right to self-determination and is not subject to domination. She is somewhat traditional because she knows she had to take care of her parents in law. Li Ts’ui-lien think that the duties of being a good daughter-in-law are just doing cooking, cleaning and taking care of her parents-in-law. She thought things went very well, but everything went wrong when she left her mother and go to her husband's…show more content…
She felt teased by the people, so she expressed her dissatisfaction, protest, and even anger scolded. When sitting in the sedan chair, the matchmaker tells Ts’ui-lien not to speak. Of course, Ts’ui-lien would not be very happy. According to the traditional wedding ceremony, the bride had to eat a cold rice in front of the husband’s house, so the matchmaker brought a bowl of cold rice, told Ts’ui-lien to take rice. Ts’ui-lien is very angry, so she accused the matchmaker being nonsense. This is to expose the evil of the matchmakers in the marriage system and shows that Ts’ui-lien’s “sharp tongue” is different from the matchmaker’s rhetoric speaking. Matchmaker’s job is to shake their tongue to swagger, and pit people. When the matchmaker asks Li Ts’ui-lien to eat cold rice, Li Ts’ui-lien was very disgusted. She thinks her husband is not poor and she believes that is matchmaker’s
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