Theme Of Women In Medea

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In Euripides ' play, Medea, tells a short story of the sufferings of a woman 's marriage life. In the play, Euripides develops the character, Medea , who is mentally abused by her husband, Jason, to show how women are mistreated in the Greek society. Jason 's action of leaving his wife and marrying the princess causes Medea suffering and shows us his selfishness. Jason also is not a good father figure to his own sons causing Medea to take care of them herself and taking all the burden. This shows us Jason is uncaring towards Medea and his sons. Lastly, Jason did not help Medea with problems that they’re having, this seems like he is excluding them from his life and everything else.
In this play, it shows how men don 't seem to protect their own family and causes sorrow for the women causing them to be mistreated by the men. In the Golden Fleece by Hamilton Edith ,
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the men doesn’t seem to protect their family pride because Medea was banish and Jason didn 't even protect them and save his family’s pride.

The character Medea, leaves an imprint on the readers that it 's unfair for the women in the Greek society where they have no power to do anything. The women were being mistreated by their own husbands and other men as well just because they are women. Medea is seen to be depressed, sad, and heartbroken by Jason. Having another woman proves the wrongdoings of a man. However the Greek society allows men to have the privilege to marry multiple wives, which the women have no saying in the situation. Through Jason 's action, it proves the injustice of women

in the society world and how marriage life is for women during this time period.Since in the Greek society women didn’t have the freedom to speak out their own thoughts and feelings. Women were to follow the orders of their parents, for example forced marriage with another man. This led to unfairness for the women in the society and how they get mistreated by their own
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