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Love or Lust? When We Two Parted focuses on the diminished relationship between two people. Relationships and love have been degraded and torn apart by the glorification of affairs and cheating because of social media, modern day movies and television. In this poem it is inferred that there are two people having this affair who seem to be sneaking around and keeping things quiet. Until one of the partners distanced themselves from situation. In When We Two Parted, George Gordon utilizes theme, mood, and realism to enhance the understanding of affairs. There are many themes shown throughout this poem. Love seems to be reoccurring throughout this entire piece, but, “love” is not the right term to describe the relationship between the lovers. Lust may be a better representation of the attraction. It is apparent that when Gordon says “In secret we met” (Gordon, Line.25) revealing a superficial relationship open to the public. Affairs are a game of risk and reward. Television has based certain TV series and episode…show more content…
Gordon uses descriptive details such as “Pale grew thy cheek and kiss” (5) showing that he knew the end was near. The real question that mood can help to answer in this poem is, is it love or lust that these partners feel? Lust establishes our one sided relationship because both people will not feel the same. The excitement of an affair or short hook up with end. Lust is temporary rather than eternal. When that feeling ends the fall is harder because you were so high and then reality strikes again that it is not possible to do it anymore. One person is usually left with a lot more heartbreak than another. Throughout this poem Gordon mentions “They know not I knew thee, who knew thee too well” (21-22). People do not know they know each other. They are a damned, they have no future, to exist only behind closed

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