Theme Of Uncle Tom's Cabin

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1) Analyze Stowe’s use of the motif of opposites/contrasts in UTC. How do these opposites/contrasts advance or support some themes of the novel? (also conider characters that contrast each other.) In uncle Tom 's cabin a major theme of the story is different styles of motherhood. One of these mothers was Mrs. Shelby she demonstrated kindhearted and highly moral women and how mothers are supposed to treat their children and others “Mrs. Shelby was a woman of high class, both intellectually and morally. To that natural magnanimity and generosity of mind which one often marks as characteristic of the women of Kentucky, she added high moral and religious sensibility and principle, carried out with great energy and ability into practical results.” The other woman/mother is Marie she demonstrates the cruel and hateful side of womanhood/motherhood. How ignorant and racist people can be during this time period. “But as to putting them on any sort of equality with us, you know, as if we could be compared, why, it 's impossible!” This quote is talking about how the…show more content…
The type of man who spends all day studying reading and researching scary stories but does not have the courage to actually go out and face it head on. He is the type of man that is afraid of disappointing those around him. For example he will do whatever anyone asks of him in order not to except them and stay on their good side, but on the inside secretly hates the people who pick on him and take advantage of him and wants to show them what 's what. He is seen is the kind of man that does not pick a fight, but wants to. From Bones on the other hand, is meant to represent everything Ichabod is not. He is fit, strong-willed courageous and knows how to win the hearts Katrina which is the woman that Ichabod in love with. Bones does not like Ichabod because he is a outsider to the village and knows he is in love with Katrina and

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