Theme Of The Storm By Kate Chopin

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The affair in Kate Chopin’s short story The Storm is amoral for the following reasons: the symbolic reference to the word “white” in the story implies innocence, Calixta and Alce were forced by external forces, and Calixta and Alce do not plan to have a future affair.
In Kate Chopin’s short story “The Storm” the narrator uses the word “white” several times in the short story. The word “white” symbolize a reference to innocence or purity. The first example, in the second section, the narrator states, “She unfastened her white sacque at her throat.” This statement refers to Calixta dressing in white clothes making the allusion that Calixta is innocent. The second example, of the symbolic use of the word “white”, is in the second section when
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For instance, the narrator says in the third section “The rain was over; and the sun was turning the glistening green world into a palace of gems. Calixta on the gallery, watches Alce ride away. He turned and smiled at her with a beaming face; and she lifted her pretty chin in the air and laughed aloud.” These lines seem to imply that there was no guilt between the two of them after the affair. Also that there was never any planning for a future affair. Another example, of the affair being amoral is in the fourth section when the narrator says “Alce Laballire wrote to his wife, Clarrissa, that night. It was a loving letter, full of tender solicitude.” I think that if Alce felt any regret of his affair with Calixta, then he would not have written a loving letter to his wife. The word “solicitude” with in this line implies, his true care for his wife and that he would not want to upset or harm her in any way. The implication that even though Alce had an affair with Calixta, Alce still loves his wife and does not plan for any future with Calixta.
The affair in Kate Chopin’s short story The Storm is amoral for many reasons. The use of the words white, forced by nature, and no future affair planned shows that the affair is amoral. The Narrator use many symbolisms and carefully choice of words throughout the story to help understand how the affair is
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