Theme Of The Red Convertible

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The Red Convertible, written by Louise Erdrich, is a short story written in the first person perspective of a Chippewa Indian named Lyman. It portrays the story of his brother, Henry, who joins the Marines and fights in the Vietnam War. Before recruiters pick up Henry, Lyman describes him and his brother’s road trip in their brand new red Olds. Lyman explains Henry’s characteristic during their joy-ride as friendly, joking, and fun. Returning from their road trip, Henry leaves for Vietnam. When he returns, Henry is not the same joyful man that he once was before he had left. Louise Erdrich’s short story, The Red Convertible, follows the life of Henry who is as funny joking guy. Although war has changed him, and it was not for the best. Louise Erdrich’s theme for The Red Convertible is that war can devastate peoples’ lives. During the road trip the two brothers pick up “long-haired Susy in Alaska” (974). In Erdrich’s story, Susy character has a great importance. Erdrich includes Susy to show the readers the type of man Henry was. Lyman describes their interaction inside the tent after they…show more content…
The National Institute of Mental Health recognizes PTSD as a “disorder that develops in some people who have seen or lived through a shocking, scary, or dangerous event.” Since Henry’s return from the war, Lyman describes his brother as tense. There are many examples of Henry’s strange behaviors. However one truly stood out to Lyman and his family. He says, “I looked over, and he’d bitten through his lip. Blood was going down his chin” (970). Lyman continues that, “he took a bite of his bread his blood fell onto it until he was eating his own blood mixed in with the food” (970). Henry clearly is troubled by something, and the troubles all began after Henry went off to the Vietnam War. I’m no doctor, but one could simply recognize Henry is suffering from some form of
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