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A Mysterious Treasure Hidden in “The Open Boat"
A tone readers clearly find in “The Open Boat” by Stephen Crane, is loneliness. That particular tone is easily seen when; a group of four men are in a ten foot dinghy with nothing to either their north, south, east, or west except the water around their position. “The men seem to recognize that they are helpless in the face of nature. Their lives could be lost at any moment by the most common of natural phenomena: a wave, a current, the wind, a shark, or even simple starvation and exposure. The men are at the mercy of mere chance.” (Open Boat). With that specific thought out in the open, an adventure for the readers is finding the mysterious special tone behind the short story. Stephen Crane
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Yet, how does a person show concern for someone they just met or have only known for a little while? A perfect example of compassion in “The Open Boat” is found in chapter three: “It would be difficult to describe the subtle brotherhood of men that was here established on the seas. No one said that it was so. No one mentioned it.” (Crane, 205). The brotherhood Crane mentions consist of a cook, oiler (aka Billie), the captain of the Commodore, and a reporter in a ten foot boat. In his news article Crane wrote on the actual sinking of the Commodore, he said Billie asked the captain at the last second for permission to join them in the boat (Crane: fact). The ten foot dinghy or any kind of vessel on the ocean can only contain a specific amount of weight. Right there the oiler shows some concern for the others. The captain “feels that it is his duty to guide the men to safety” (Open Boat). Yes, he lost his ship and indubitably the rest of his crew. Nevertheless, he still is concern for all of them in the boat. The captain again expresses concern for Billie and the Reporter wishing for a sail in order for them to have “a chance to rest” (Crane, 205) from rowing. Wherever compassion is present readers should easily locate hope. Hope is the next clue to the mysterious…show more content…
During all of the attempts their spirits and moods went up and down like the waves of the ocean. Through their selfless actions, the undertone of the entire story should now become clearer. Concern for others before oneself is the first element. Staying hopeful for a better future is the second. The last and most import element, the will or determination to survive even in the toughest part of life. Now readers should see how the combination of these tones compassion, hope, and willing to survive creates the mysterious tone of the story. For courage to appear everyone at some particular time or other needs to have compassion for another person, hopeful whenever there is doubt, and always striving to survive even in the severest of times. Courage is the tone not seen until any reader looks deep into oneself. Those four men had courage from the start till the end. Even though Billie died trying to reach the shore he had concern for the rest of them, stayed hopeful, and tried his hardest until the very end. Stephen Crane was the youngest child of his family dropout several colleges yet, “his time had not been wasted” (Stephen), combined each and every tone into a special short story. “The Open Boat” is not only one of his best short stories; “The Open Boat” contains a treasure map. The treasure is not gold, silver, or precious gems. The treasure is Courage. Courage to tackle any and

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